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                The development direction of refractories in the future

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                The development direction of refractories in the future

                Date of release:2018-08-31 Author: Click:

                The development direction of refractories in the future

                "New refractory" concept

                "New refractories" as the name implies from the word distinguish in refractories, more prominent a new word, "new refractories" technology, "new refractories" process, "new refractories" products, "new refractories" design, "new refractories" application, "new refractories" research and development and so on.

                Refractory materials is not less than 1580 ℃ refractoriness of inorganic non-metallic materials. Refractoriness refers to the Celsius temperature at which the conical specimen of refractories can resist the action of high temperature without softening and melting under the condition of no load. But just to define the refractoriness cannot fully describe the refractory, 1580 ℃ is not absolute. It is now defined as any material whose physical and chemical properties allow it to be used in a high temperature environment called refractories. Refractories are widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, electric power, power and other industrial fields.

                With the rapid development of China's industry in recent years and the implementation of the 13th five-year plan, the refractories industry is bound to meet the needs of industrial development and continuous innovation. The country attaches great importance to environmental protection and air pollution, which also forces the traditional refractories industry to make preparations for rebirth. The replacement of traditional refractories by the 'new refractories' industry is imperative under the support and encouragement of relevant national policies.


                Graphene nanomaterials


                New refractory technology

                New refractories technology is in accordance with the development needs of modern industry and industrial intelligent manufacturing, through physical research, chemical analysis, material design, material processing, testing and a series of research processes, to create a variety of industrial needs of new refractories technology. The new material properties are divided into four categories:

                (1) nanomaterials

                (2) inorganic non-metallic materials

                (3) high-performance composite materials (high temperature inorganic coating and fiber reinforced ceramics)

                (4) ultra high temperature materials (oxide materials, including lanthanum oxide, beryllium oxide, calcium oxide, zirconium oxide, uranium oxide, cerium oxide and thoria high melting point at 2050 ~ 3050 ℃, carbide materials including carbon, nitrogen, boron, silicon and sulphur compounds

                Products the highest melting point at 2000 ~ 3887 ℃) according to the use of material performance performance points:

                (1) structure material: structure material is mainly the use of new refractories mechanical and physical and chemical properties, to meet the requirements of ultra-high strength, ultra-high hardness, ultra-high temperature resistance, ultra-high wear resistance, ultra-high corrosion resistance, and other performance.

                (2) functional materials: functional materials are mainly the use of new refractories with low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, compression strength, slag resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, hydration resistance, CO erosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other effects, in order to achieve a certain function.


                Piezoelectric ceramics


                New refractory technology

                Part of the new refractory production process products can still follow the original production process, according to the density of the products and different shapes, there are sintering method, casting method and melting spray method. However, with the continuous innovation and implementation of new refractories, there will be more and more suitable methods for the production process of new refractories. But more attention is paid to energy saving, low carbon environmental protection;

                Cerium oxide polishing powder

                Lanthanum oxide


                New refractory products

                The new refractory product is refers to: has the ultra high strength, the ultra high hardness, the ultra high temperature resistance, the ultra high wear-resisting, the ultra high corrosion resistance, and so on performance request new refractory material. It includes aluminum oxide, lanthanum oxide, beryllium oxide, calcium oxide, zirconia, uranium oxide, magnesium oxide, cerium oxide, thorium oxide, silicon carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, boron nitride, silicon nitride, zirconium boride, titanium boride, hafnium boride, molybdenum disilicide, thorium sulfide, cerium sulfide, etc.

                Basalt fiber products

                Application of new refractories:

                With the progress of science and technology and intelligent industry, the traditional application of refractory steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, glass, cement, petrochemical, light industry, electric power, machinery, boiler and so on each domain of national economy, is to ensure that the production of industry and technology development essential basic material, in high temperature industrial production development plays an irreplaceable important role.

                New refractory material as the basis of high and new technology and the forerunner, application scope is extremely broad, as with traditional materials, besides should be in the industrial field, application of new refractory materials has been gradually extended to the electronic information, new energy, ecological environment, biological medicine, waste treatment, new buildings and military industry and other major fields.

                Silicon carbide ceramics


                Development prospect of new refractories

                Over the years, our country high-end refractory product manufacture process level has already received a lot of ascension, so the demand of common refractory material will be greatly reduced, with the reform of the downstream enterprise saving energy and reducing consumption, intelligent manufacturing forcing enterprises to make to the direction of the high-end products and advanced technology to research and development, which in turn makes the high quality, energy saving, long life, high efficiency, new functional refractories demand unceasing increase, so the refractory enterprises need to continuously improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises, more important is to improve the innovation ability, continuous development of low energy, high life of new refractory products, To meet the needs of users in the new industrial era.

                The future of new refractory technology heading for long life, low consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, recycling and the direction of the functional combination of research and innovation, and thus improve the comprehensive service ability, enhance the international competitiveness of China's refractories industry from the whole, the development of refractory industry will lead the new refractory industry in our country the rapid development of science and technology revolution.

                Zirconia products

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