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                What do you know about kiln?

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                What do you know about kiln?

                Date of release:2018-09-10 Author: Click:

                If the song porcelain kiln first promoted five famous kilns, namely ru, guan, jun, ge, ding. If you don't know this, you really don't know anything about antiques.

                Let's specifically talk about the five famous kilns:

                Ru kiln was built in the late northern song dynasty during the reign of emperor huizong, less than 20 years ago. The kiln site is located in yuzhou shenxie town, henan province (one of them is baofeng qingliang temple in henan province), hence the name. Your kiln with celadon is given priority to, glaze color has pink green, bean green, egg green, shrimp green to wait, your kiln porcelain embryo body is thinner, glaze layer is thicker, have the simple sense like jade, glaze surface has very fine open piece. The porcelain in your kiln is fired by nailing, leaving tiny nailing marks on the bottom. The vessel shape imitates the ancient bronze ware pattern, mainly for washing, furnace, honor, plate and so on. You kiln handed down less than 100 works, so very precious.


                The kiln was built in bianliang during the reign of emperor huizong of song dynasty. The kiln mainly fired celadon, daguan years, the glaze color to the moon, pink green, big green three colors are the most popular. Guan porcelain body is thicker, azure glaze slightly pink color, glaze open large grain. This is because tire, glaze is heated after expansion coefficient is different the effect that produces. Porcelain feet without glaze, after firing is black iron, mouth glaze thin, slightly fetal bone, is commonly known as "purple mouth iron foot." This is a typical feature of the northern song dynasty guanyao porcelain. Northern song dynasty guanyao porcelain handed down few, very rare and precious.

                Ge kiln is one of the five famous kilns in the south of song dynasty. According to historical legend, zhang shengyi and zhang sheng2 brothers each built a kiln in liangzhelu prefecture and longquan county. The kiln built by the elder brother is called "elder brother kiln", and the kiln built by the younger brother is called "younger brother kiln", also known as "zhang kiln" and "longquan kiln". Some experts believe that the ancient porcelain of gongzangge kiln was actually fired by xiuneisi kiln in the southern song dynasty. The main characteristic of ge kiln is that glaze surface has large and small irregular crack pieces, commonly known as "open pieces" or "wenwu pieces". Small as the roe is called "yuzi grain", the curved pieces are called "crab claw grain", the same size pieces are called "100 garbage pieces". The texture of the small grain is golden yellow, the texture of the large grain is black iron, so there is "gold wire wire". Among them, the porcelain imitated from the imperial kiln of the northern song dynasty was black with "purple mouth and iron foot".

                Ding kiln was one of the "five famous kilns" in song dynasty. Built in the tang dynasty, prosperous in the northern song dynasty, and finally the yuan dynasty, the firing time of nearly 700 years. The kiln is located in cijian, yanchuan and lingshan villages and towns of quyang county, hebei province. It was called dingyao in the tang dynasty because it belonged to dingzhou. Ding kiln mainly to burn white porcelain, porcelain fine, thin quality light, glaze moistening jade. Black glaze, sauce glaze called "black set", "purple set", also has its own characteristics, exquisite production, elegant modeling. Patterns of various shapes, useful knife carved into the scratch, with the needle tick into the embroidery, stunt made of "bamboo brush grain", "tears mark grain" and so on.

                Jun kilns were divided into guan jun kilns and min jun kilns. Guan jun kiln was the second official kiln built after ru kiln during the reign of emperor huizong of song dynasty. Jun kiln was widely distributed in yu county, henan province (known as junzhou), so it was named jun kiln. It is most famous for its bagua cave kiln and jun tai kiln in the county, which were used for firing various royal porcelain. Jun porcelain was burned twice, the first time plain, the second time after glaze color was applied. Jun porcelain glaze color is a unique, ever-changing, red, blue, blue, white, purple intermingled, canruoyunxia, song dynasty poets once with the "sunset purple suddenly became LAN" praise. This is because of the artistic effect caused by gasification of copper mixed with ingredients in the firing process. This is a major invention in the history of Chinese porcelain making, which is called "kiln transformation". Due to the thick glaze layer of jun porcelain, during the firing process, the glaze material flows naturally to fill the cracks and forms regular flow lines after it leaves the kiln, which is very similar to the traces of earthworms crawling in the soil, so it is called "earthworm slime". Jun kiln porcelain is mainly for the late northern song dynasty to contact + one nine eighty-seven nine hundred and fifty-three years "flower stone outline" needs, the most outstanding pot.

                It's really pretty, and for now it's kind of like a modern day starry sky.

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